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About Backbone Worldwide


Specializing in Support Tools for the Industry

 Backbone Worldwide specializes in creating “WHY TO” products for the Network Marketing & Direct Sales Industry.

Our mission is to provide Distributors & Representatives in the field with training and tools that help you:

  • Educate and excite prospects about the benefits of on-going, residual income
  • Explain the explosive potential of exponential growth
  • Excite prospects about the wisdom of leveraging time and money
  • Drive home the simple yet powerful dynamic of duplication
  • Remind readers about the awesome benefits of owning your own business 

In short, Backbone Worldwide produces products that open prospects’ minds and validate the unparalleled potential of the opportunity and the lasting legitimacy of the industry. 

Meeting the Two Biggest Needs in the Industry
The Backbone Worldwide mission is to produce and distribute tools that help Direct Sellers to effectively manage the two biggest challenges in their business –– recruiting and retention. 
-Our Prospecting/Recruiting Division helps companies and leaders GET people into the business. 
-Our Training/Personal Growth Division helps KEEP people in the business. 

We produce and/or warehouse the bestselling recruiting and training books, tapes, and tools available to Direct Sales professionals, and we have long-standing relationships with key publishers and suppliers, which gives us access to thousands of training/ personal growth titles in quantities of one to one thousand books (or more), shipped in bulk to your company or individually to each associate. 

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